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How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent? Romans 10:14-15

The B Family

We have the great privilege of serving the Lord in the Middle East. Our team has been invited by several local pastors to come and begin a training center that will instruct Arabic-speaking believers in theology, expository preaching and biblical counseling. Once the center is established, our prayer is that believers from all over the region will be able to come and receive training that would be difficult or impossible to obtain in their own countries. Our desire is to continue the pattern of teaching faithful men set forth by Paul in 2 Timothy 2:2. While pursuing this goal we will be serving in a local church where we will seek to encourage and strengthen the believers just as we would in the U.S.

* Please pray for the Lord’s provision as we raise financial support to move overseas.
* Pray for wisdom and grace as we apply for visas in the coming months.
* Please pray for our family, especially our children as we are going through a lot of transitions and traveling much more.

Voice Of The Martyrs

The Voice Of The Martyrs
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Jeremy B

Jeremy B is serving in Yangon Myanmar-we support him through GMI.


ECMI-Exalting Christ Ministries International-Tan Molina and family serving in Spain.

Man of Galilee Church, Mexico

We support Pastor Joel as he ministers at this local church in Mexico.

Editora Fiel

Why does the Adopt a Pastor Project exist?

The experience of fifty-five years on the mission field, with ministries ranging from a pioneer boat ministry on the Amazon River to church planting and publishing in Brazil's modern cities, has caused us to become increasingly aware that the greatest need of the Brazilian church is national leadership solidly grounded in the often neglected Biblical truths that spawned the Reformation.

While numerically the church has grown during this half century, much of it is due to the application of church growth methods which have not produced a regenerate membership.

The opportunity is before us to provide spiritual training for these soldiers who are mostly without the guidance of sound teaching. Through providing theological books and hosting conferences, we can show loving concern for our brethren who are in need of spiritual help.

A Brazillian pastor wrote: "I have seen through this ministry the possibility for change in the evangelical churches of Brazil and even in our society." It is this hope that encourages us to press on even in the face of adversity. There are still victories to be won.

Richard and Pearl Denham

How the project works

Many churches have fallen into doctrinal error for want of leadership grounded in sound Biblical doctrine. To help meet this need, FIEL Publishing House (a non-profit Brazilian ministry under the umbrella of CLA) initiated the AAP project, one of four interrelated FIEL ministries, through which a sponsor can help provide tools that will impact a pastor's life and ministry.

Through donations, AAP provides the adopted pastor with ministerial help by:

Sending him one book a month Sponsors receive a yearly report with the names of the books sent to their pastor. Click on Publications above for a sample of books being sent to pastors.

Enabling him to attend FIEL's annual conference for pastors and leaders

Sponsors are always welcome to attend the conference and meet their adopted pastor.

AAP is committed to maintain a pastor in the project for a minimum of three years.

By sponsoring a pastor, you will be blessed by the fruit you will see in the life of the pastor, his family, and his flock.

Check out for more information.